Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What You Need to Know and Do:

NCAA Tournament Math Research Project Tasks

What To Do:
  1. Visit the blog:http://missgranholmmadness.blogspot.com/
  2. Look over the Project directions and scoring guide.
  3. Create your bracket.  *Use blog to assist you in your choices and decisions.
  4. Analyze your bracket to see what teams you have progressing the furthest in the tournament.       
  5. Select 5 players from teams you think have potential to make it far in the tournament.  *Use blog to assist you in your choices and decisions.
  6. Create 5 tables similar to the one demonstrated in the scoring guide (one for each of your players).
  7. Over the course of the tournament, collect, organize, and calculate the necessary NCAA data.  *Using the blog and its posts and links to assist you.
  8. Select a college from one participating in the tournament that you may wish to attend one day.  Complete the second table demonstrated on the scoring guide.
  9. Research this college.  *Use sites and resources from the blog.  We will also visit the LRC.

Before you begin the madness...

Terra Nova Testing is next week!  Brush up by completing the grade level appropriate math practice found here:


Complete #1-36 only.  Complete your work on loose leaf paper.
Due:  Friday, March 18